Top Five Things To Do in Chicago this Summer

Summertime is a great time to see Chicago and all sorts of that it has to offer. There is a wide spectrum of attractions waiting to become discovered; kid-friendly and open for the entire summer.

Chicago in summer is a sight to behold the parks are lush, Lake Michigan glimmers within the hot sun, and the streets bustle with tourists and locals who were able to have the fortitude to survive a Chicago winter. Here are a few of my favorite things to do in Chicago in the summertime.

Things you can do in Chicago this Summer

1. Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a bustling 1.5 mile-long boardwalk which will please every member of your family. Attracting more than 8 million visitors each year, Navy Pier is lined with restaurants for example Bubba Gump, Billy Goat’s Tavern and Capi’s Italian Kitchen and studded with small shops selling from apparel to toys to Chicago souvenirs. As the shops alone can keep you occupied all night, there are plenty of other activities at Navy Pier to fill your entire day.

Things To Do in Chicago

Things To Do in Chicago

Spend some time outdoors around the Pier. You can ride the 15-story Ferris wheel. This can be a larger rendition of the first Ferris wheel, which Chicago made famous throughout the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. There is also a swing-ride, the Transporter FX virtual reality simulator, as well as other stages for musical performances, all designed around spending some time outdoors with the family. For the kids, browse the Children’s Museum which offers hundreds of hands-on, stimulating exhibits.

2. Find a Park

Chicago has many lovely parks; some large, some tiny, nearly every neighborhood boasts a stretch of green scenery which brings peace and serenity to the visitors. There is the immense Grant Park across the lakefront, always filled with picnickers, joggers and individuals just enjoying the view. There’s Lincoln Park, the bustling area around the North Side that includes a zoo, a nature museum, baseball fields, tennis courts, running paths as well as an outdoor theatre. On the South Side you’ll find 600-acre Jackson Park, the site from the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 that housed the incredible White City. In Little Italy is Arrigo Park, an attractive, peaceful area whose main attraction is a big sculpture of Christopher Columbus.

3. Have a Festival

Chicago has a large number of festivals throughout the year. During the summer, as the Taste of Chicago is easily the most well-known and popular festival, two most interesting are the Jazz Festival and also the Blues Festival.

The Jazz Festival, took its start in 1974 after the death of jazz great Duke Ellington. A couple weeks after his death, several Chicago musicians organized a festival in the honor. The festival was this type of success that the Mayor’s Office of Special attractions soon joined forces with the Jazz Institute to produce an annual Jazz Festival.

4. Visit the Zoo

The zoo is a superb place to spend the day using the entire family. Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, outside the city in suburban Brookfield, is definitely an enormous zoo with gorgeous outdoor and indoor animal exhibits. With an Adventure Trail, a large number of daily tours and programs and sprawling natural environments by which animals roam freely over beautifully kept habitats, Brookfield Zoo is definitely an incredible way to experience wildlife the following in Chicago.

In the heart of Lincoln Park, just north of downtown Chicago, is yet another zoo; Lincoln Park Zoo without any admission fee and doubles like a public park.There are over 1000 animals in the zoo, in a variety of exhibits together with a Bird House, a Primate House, a Lion House, a lot Lion Pool, a Reptile House as well as an Antelope and Zebra Area. There are also tours and academic programs for individuals, families and college groups.

5. Go Shopping

There isn’t any better way to unwind rather than go shopping, and Chicago is where to do it. There are several shopping venues round the city, boasting almost every store you have ever wanted to visit. State Street is among these venues; recently renovated to higher reflect its heyday, this shopping location in the center of the Loop offers a great shopping experience. Shops on State Street include Old Navy, Sears, Forever 21, H&M, Borders, Urban Outfitters and lots of, many others.

North Avenue is yet another great shopping destination, along with a definite plus to this area is the fact that most shops have parking lots, making the region one of the most convenient you will find within the city. Popular specialty shops for example Restoration Hardware, World Market, Crate and Barrel and Whole-foods can be found at North Avenue.

Water Tower Place, on North Michigan Ave., is among the city’s most famous malls, with stores on 8 levels. Water Tower Place has over 100 stores, such as the Gap, Banana Republic, Express, Victorias secret, Nine West and several others. Restaurants within the mall include the Mity Nice Grill, California Pizza Kitchen along with a food court.

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