Best Things To Do in Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is a great spot to go without spending any money. here listed best things to do in Downtown Disney.

The best time to enjoy the shops at Downtown Disney is very first thing in the morning during the week. You’ll feel like you have the whole spot to yourself. On weekends so that as evening approaches, the crowds will grow.Parking can be challenging at Downtown Disney, especially around the weekend evenings. Seriously consider Valet Parking or Disney Transportation.

Things To Do in Downtown Disney

Things To Do in Downtown Disney

If you are planning to have dinner, especially in the West Side, make sure to time your arrival Prior to the Cirque du Soliel show lets out. Crowds in the show often walk into the Westside searching for a place to eat. Wait times can triple right after a show.

Downtown Disney Shopping

If you’re searching to shop for all things “Disney” or just desire a break from the theme parks, industry is a terrific destination. There is a great selection of shops and restaurants located here. All the Walt Disney World resorts offer transportation to Downtown Disney. Fun shops: there are lots of fun shops to check out. Warning if you’re bringing your child they will most likely not be happy with just window shopping so be cautious what stores you go into.

The optimum time to visit Downtown Disney is throughout the day. As evening approaches, be ready for crowds, particularly on weekends. Operating hours for that common areas at Downtown Disney Marketplace are 8:00 am – 1:00 am.

Downtown Disney for Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a timeless, vibrant place where Disney guests and local residents can unwind, shop, dine and be entertained within an imaginative setting where they’ll instantly feel in your own home,” said Tom Staggs, chairman of Disney world Parks and Resorts, inside a Thursday press release.
The new area will feature “distinctive brands, world-class restaurants and unforgettable entertainment,” Staggs said, “with exactly the same focus on storytelling and attention to detail which goes into our theme parks, resorts and luxury cruise ships.”
Disney Springs, which is modeled on Florida’s waterfront communities, will feature four outdoor neighborhoods using more than 150 shops, restaurants along with other establishments. The four areas is going to be connected by a spring and lakefront.

Downtown Disney Entertainment

Downtown Disney in Disneyland really comes alive during the night! There isn’t a single spot through the district where you won’t hear live music, or see crowds for instance. Downtown Disney during the day and Downtown Disney during the night are completely different.

Downtown Disney Dining/ Restaurants

Downtown Disney during the night is very busy. If you try to wing your dinner meals, you shouldn’t be suprised if you have to wait a while. I’ve noticed lines out of the door at Rainforest Cafe, Tortilla Jo’s, and Naples Ristorante Pizzeria.If you’re willing to spend some money you can go to dinner at downtown Disney. The rainforest café quite a bit of fun for kids. Every so often there is a thunderstorm and all the animals become more active. The Jazz kitchen is yet another great restaurant. They have live jazz every evening. There are many other restaurants too.

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  1. Brad Pitt

    Downtown Disney is a wonderful place to go to buy any Disney souvenirs you are looking for without paying the exhorbitant entrance fees. There are excellent, but pricey, restaurants along the walk. This summer, they are adding a collection of Disney food trucks to the court yard. The awesome Cirque du Soleil tent anchors one end of the complex.

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