Popular Tourist Attractions in Dallas City in Texas, USA

Dallas is definitely an exciting city that provides a number of attractions for visitors. Though every city features its own attractions, but few cities are as popular historically as Dallas. Some cities provide a modern life-style, glitz and glamour, but Dallas is unparallel in offering the best of both worlds. This is why Dallas is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for people from all over the world. The town has a rich Texas culture and is an interesting landmark to explore the Texan way of life. The city was also witness to the tragic assassination of President John F Kennedy. This singularly most tragic event makes Dallas a very popular stopover. There are plenty of places which travelers arriving in Dallas prefer to visit. The museums in Dallas are frequented by almost everyone who visits the city.

Tourist Attractions in Dallas

Tourist Attractions in Dallas

The Conspiracy museum, as the name implies shows amazing details about the conspiracies associated with some of the most famous assassinations of political personalities. Dallas museum of Arts, displays some fascinating artwork of the eastern and western hemisphere. Meadows Museum of Arts is another popular art center. Nasher Sculpture Center is actually an outdoor art center having fantastic collection of sculptures in the downtown district of Dallas. The sculpture collection of Raymond Nasher, a Dallas collector, is astounding. Dallas could be rightly regarded as a city that has lots of historically important events associated with it. Each one of these museums is an excellent source of information for art and history lovers. Those who are interested in gathering historic information prefer to visit these museums.

Most of the tourist attractions are located very close to the town center. The down town area isn’t just rich in cultural perspective, but also provides a lot more to the tourists.

Sculpture Center and Art:
The Sculpture Center has over 300 sculpture exhibits and is certainly one of the top attractions in Dallas, Texas. Many sculptures will make you gasp at their sheer beauty, while others will make you scratch your head in wonderment. Besides sculptures, there are a wide variety of other public art exhibits throughout downtown Dallas. Just stroll in the city to find something interesting, like the Fountain Place, with countless amazing fountains.
There are myriad tourist attractions in Dallas, Texas. Whether you are going on a vacation, or on business travel or simply trying to get away for a few days all by yourself, Dallas has a huge lot of attractions, sightseeing and entertainment to keep you occupied.

Sixth Floor Museum and JFK Memorial:
The famous Sixth Floor Museum celebrates the life span of President John F. Kennedy. It’s located on the sixth floor displaying personal belongings of the Texas School Book Depository. The JFK Memorial has everything there is to know about the late president. It has captured moments from his presidency, the events that took place in his life and also the tragic end on that fateful day when he fell to the assassins bullets.

Frontiers of Flight Museum:
This is a very unique museum offering fun for the entire family. You will find all kinds of artifacts, special displays and exhibits and several full-size, real aircrafts of various makes and designs. It includes aircrafts of all shapes, functions and technological levels, in addition to spacecraft vehicles.

Shopping in the Galleria:
Many of the biggest stars in the united states make frequent trips to the Galleria, which houses some great shops and stores. Whether you are looking for a new bit of clothing or gadget, or just want to spend time window shopping, galleria is the place to be.  If you are lucky, you can chance upon a celebrity or a movie star as fellow shopper. The Galleria is best place to spend time with fun and activity on a lazy afternoon in Dallas.

 The brand new Cowboys Stadium:

Dallas City in Texas, USA

Dallas City in Texas, USA

The brand new Dallas Cowboys stadium is a tribute to sports, especially football in Texas. The grandeur and majestic façade of the stadium will leave you awestruck. Take a quick tour round the facility, or if possible, check out a title game or an event at the venue.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden:

Throughout the vacation season, the Dallas Arboretum  and Botanical Garden showcases winter foliage and features special holiday exhibits, programs and events. Enjoy delicious tea or perhaps a specialty holiday dinner within the DeGolyer Garden Cafe, or attend the vacation Treats and Cheer and sample wine, cheese and desserts. In last few years, the big events at the garden included an active reindeer, pictures with Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, and story time with Mrs. Claus, talk with Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and face painting.

Fair Park:
Tourists will find plenty to do at Fair Park, a National Historic Landmark spanning 277 acres in the middle of Dallas. Fair Park’s grounds include museums, gardens, performance spaces, amusement venues, along with a stunning assortment of Art Deco buildings. Museums located within the grounds range from the African American Museum, Women’s Museum, and also the Museum of Nature and Science. Special attractions include live music and theater performances throughout the year, such as the State Fair of Texas, a significant event held annually at the end of September and early October.

Dallas Zoo:

Animal lovers visiting  Dallas can observe a wide variety of wild animals at the 95-acre Dallas Zoo, which includes a chimpanzee forest along with a monorail safari ride. Don’t miss the zoo’s Wilds of Africa exhibit that was picked as America’s best African zoo exhibit by the Zoobook: A Guide to America’s Best.

There are so many tourist attractions in Dallas that several visits may be in order to fit all of them in. Besides Dallas attractions such as the above, visitors may desire to partake in the various fests, fairs and events celebrating the Texan lifestyle. Such celebrations and festivals afford an opportunity for the traveler to sample the Texan and American life, making the vacation to Dallas even more rewarding.

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