Most Popular California Beaches for Your Next Vacation

California Beaches will have you ready to grab the sunblock and directly right down to these pristine beaches.

Despite the fact that more famous actors and actresses live in this state than almost every other, the beach, according to those polled, could be the main reason why people visit California. This really is no surprise considering the fact that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found on the coast line of California. It’s not necessary to go far to find the sand and surf that they are looking for.

Visit to California Beaches

Visit to California Beaches

Water sports and activities are incredibly one of the main attractions that you’ll find whatsoever of the greatest California beaches.

Santa Cruz

Beaches of Santa Cruz boast over 29 miles of beachfront that attract families, couples, kids and retirees. It is a very family oriented area where swimmers, surfers, fishers, sailboarders and sunbathers all take advantage of the sights and sounds in the laidback area.

Sonoma Coast State Beaches

10 miles from Bodega Bay to Jenner, these beaches have more than 300 bird species, much like many beaches and sloughs. Search for osprey from December to September, seal pups from March to June, and gray whales from December to April.

The Black Sands Beach

The Black Sands Beach can be found at Shelter Cove. It is an isolated beauty in Humboldt. It’s associated with King Range hiking path, 25 miles long. It is an excellent site for watching the sunset and for whale watching.

Pismo Beach

California Beaches Vacation

California Beaches Vacation

The beaches are available off Route 101, merely a short drive south of San Louis Obispo, and north of Santa Barbara. Generations of California families are actually, and still are, drawn to Pismo’s 23-mile dog-friendly stretch of prime beachfront. It is the perfect annual vacation choice for surfing, fishing, shopping, dune buggies plus a host of outdoor activities. The 1200-foot Pismo Pier is a good spot for fishing and consuming the truly amazing sunsets.


My favorite move to make in Capitola together with everyone else is visiting the beach. It’s a little beach, only one you can’t help but adore. It’s so much to offer, there’s watching people, sunbathing, beach volleyball and surfing. You will find Capitola is a wonderful place to learn how to surf, and guys if the smart its a great place to fulfill women who surf. Why? Because most women don’t want to deal with the ego’s of young surf punk type of guys with attitudes at other surf spots. If you’re hunting for a great way to work off your your meal (pizza), have a stroll on the pier watching the sunset within the Gulf of Mexico.

When To Visit California Beaches

When To Visit California Beaches

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is among La, most popular beaches. The sandy three-mile beach here’s one of the attractions. Throughout the summer months and on weekends, the Ocean Front Walk fills tabs on street performers and people just doing their thing: biking, rollerskating, swimming, sunbathing, and people watching. Muscle Beach can be a special area where fanatic bodybuilders pump iron in the public show of strength.

When To Visit California Beaches

The main tourist season for California beaches is, unsurprisingly, during the summer time. Northern California Beaches particularly are often observed destinations in fall or winter since they tend to get chilly and rainy. Since they’re a smaller amount crowded than southern California beaches even during peak season those looking for a little (relative) seclusion may want to head north, bearing in mind water is to cold and rip-tide heavy to savor most beachside activities.

La Beaches benefit from the consistently mild La weather and are viable option year-round. Water here’s still quite chilly, during summer, but the surfing is great even when the swimming is simply so-so. The problem is it’s fairly crowded year-round too, and visitors should be expecting enormous crowds within the high season when they visit the most widely used spots in North park and La. For a a bit more elbow room visitors will come in the late spring/early summer and consider smaller, less well-known spots like, say, Carpinteria, 12 miles South of Santa Barbara.

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