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Grand Canyon guided hiking trips are great for novice to experienced hikers. Grand Canyon hiking tours explore a vast and rigorous landscape and embrace a spectacular array of geological and historical wonders.

Hiking is one of the most rewarding ways to see Grand Canyon in arizona, usa and is also the most difficult. Experience the adventurous backcountry of the Grand Canyon and the joy of hiking with only a light day pack! Let porters or pack mules carry the gear so you can maximize your enjoyment while hiking, enjoy more elaborate meals and avoid those sore joints! As the Grand Canyon (Grand canyon national park in arizona) is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep, there are many and diverse trails to explore. This site includes many of the often requested corridor, south, north and west trails. If you do not find here a trail or area of which you have read or heard, let us know.

Grand canyon national park arizona

Day Hikes with Zeal and Zest

Grand Canyon hiking tours explore a vast and rigorous landscape and embrace a spectacular array of geological and historical wonders in arizona. This rugged and remote region, where bold plateaus and multi-hued cliffs run for distances that defy human perspective, offers some of the best hiking in the world. Expanding over 277 river miles in length, averaging 10 miles in width and over 1 mile deep, it is understandable why this great chasm is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Even today, this unspoiled natural landscape remains a frontier. A hiking tour in Grand Canyon offers an incredible opportunity to explore shimmering waterfalls, ancient ruins, unimaginable vistas, and spectacular rock formations. Choose from backpacking trips, mule-assisted camping, lodge-based tours and base camp adventures. Hiking Grand Canyon national park with Four Season Guides offers a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

In arizona, Grand Canyon national park guided hiking trips are great for novice to experienced hikers. Take on the challenge of backpacking and camping the Grand Canyon South Rim, North Rim and Havasupai areas with experienced guides. There’s nothing like experiencing the Grand Canyon on your own two feet. Experienced guides offer interesting information about the Canyon as well as provide a little extra confidence on the trail. Even some of the more experienced hikers can miscalculate weather, impact of temperature, pace, or amount of supplies needed to hike certain trails of the Grand Canyon safely. If you’re not accustomed to dry, desert hiking conditions, we recommend a guided hike on your first hiking trip down the Grand Canyon.

General guidelines:

  • Always make advance reservations for all meals, including sack lunches.
  • Fill your backpack with lightweight and compact items.
  • Water should be your heaviest item.
  • There is one pay telephone at Phantom Ranch that is credit card and phone card accessible.
  • Safeguard your feet by wearing solid footwear and clipping all your toenails.
  • Bring moleskin, band-aids and a change of socks.
  • Put moleskin on “hot spots “before blisters form.
  • In the winter, in-step cramp-ons are recommended – as the trails may be icy. Hiking sticks are also helpful any time of year.

Day Hike Tour

Make the most of your day at the Grand Canyon national park with a full-day hike into the depths off the South Rim, arizona. Choose from 3 different hikes and go with the experts! There are many reliable hiking outfitters servicing the Grand Canyon. Most offer everything from day hikes to overnights lasting days to weeks. They’ll provide camping gear, food and some will tailor your tour to your own desires. Common add-ons include rafting and overnights at canyon lodges. Guides range from experts in the fields of geology and Grand Canyon national park nature to educated, passionate individuals.

Treks include pro-quality hiking equipment (trekking poles, backpack or day pack), meals/snacks (fresh food prepared according to your dietary specifications), water replenishment, park fees and ground transportation. A highly-trained, certified guide accompanies every trek to interpret the area and prepare meals. Additionally for camping treks, all overnight permits and gear (tent, sleeping bag, camp pillow, therm-a-rest) are also provided and the guide sets/breaks camp.

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