Cheapest Caribbean Holiday Destinations in Islands

Caribbean holiday Destinations offers a guide to the best package holidays to the region, whether you're on a budget or looking holiday Destinations in Islands.

Extremely popular with both North Americans and Europeans during the winter months, the Caribbean is filled with islands and destinations that range from cheap & basic to posh & exclusive. You’ll also find islands where English dominates, but also where Spanish, French, or Dutch are far more common. This list has been totally updated for include changing hotel rates and airfare differences.Caribbean holidays offer a tropical get away for anyone in need of some sun, sea and relaxation. Perfect for family holidays, weekend breaks or romantic getaways, from secluded beaches to all nclusive resorts, the Caribbean has something for every kind of holiday destinations in islands.U.S.

If you’re on the hunt for paradise, Caribbean holidays are the perfect choice for you! Made up of more than 7000 islands, islets and reefs, the breathtaking Caribbean Islands are located just east of Mexico and south of the United States. The smaller islands of the Bahamas, Barbados and Antigua are scattered between the larger islands of Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and are the top tourist attraction islands for holidays in the Caribbean.On the Beach are experts in finding perfect Caribbean holidays at unbeatable prices, whether you are looking for all inclusive holidays, a Caribbean honeymoon or a luxury Caribbean holiday, we can make sure you get exactly what you want.

Caribbean Holidays

Holidays in the Caribbean promise sun filled skies, pristine beaches and balmy crystal clear waters.All of the Caribbean islands have their own particular charm borne out of unique history, culture and landscape and it would be a life’s work to explore each and every one.Trailfinders have been helping people organise holidays to the Caribbean for decades and best well travelled consultants have all the information at their fingertips to help you choose the right island for you.So whether you are looking for fun filled nights, fabulous watersports, peace and seclusion or just the best offer anywhere in the Caribbean when you are looking to travel.

Top holiday Destinations in Islands

Cayman Islands

Caribbean Holiday Destinations in Islands

Caribbean Holiday Destinations in Islands

The charming Cayman continue to be a coveted Caribbean getaway, providing for both adventurous and more immobile travelers. Gorgeous barrier reefs call to divers as the rum punch calls to the beach bums. Honeymooners hike through the 200-year-old Mastic Trail as parents take their children for interactive swims at Stingray City. Whichever way you choose to mellow out, the Cayman Islands can oblige.The Cayman Islands are an archipelago of three islands, lying 90 miles south of Cuba. The largest, Grand Cayman, is full of all-inclusive resorts, perfect for those who prefer pre-planned itineraries and don’t mind cruise crowds. For freewheeling vacationers, the less-traveled Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer some of the best diving in the Caribbean.


The Bahamian islands lure throngs of visitors to their white-washed shores, duty-free shops, fishing and scuba diving excursions and luxurious accommodations. The families that flock here tend to indulge in the diversions of the lavish mega resorts, but this diverse island chain also offers a range of activities away from the hotel zone. Nature enthusiasts explore the offshore reefs and wildlife preserves and golf lovers tee up on the numerous par-72 courses. Bargain-hunters enjoy patrolling the marketplaces for the best duty-free deals. No wonder the Bahamas has become a popular destination in the Caribbean.


Barbados holiday offers exotic beach life, great restaurants, outstanding landscapes and famously warm friendly locals.Barbados is an island located in the Western Atlantic and forms part of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands. Ruled by the British Empire for nearly 300 years, it has a strong British influence, sometimes being referred to by its colonial nickname ‘Little England’. Here everything from British style formal suits to cricket, to gin and tonic can be found in a climate the Britons can only dream of when at home The Barbadians (or Bajans) have been ever loyal to Britain, sending a telegram to the U.K. at the outbreak of World War Two in 1939 reading: “Don’t Worry. Little England is with you!” You can be sure that you’ll be made to feel welcome in Barbados – the perfect choice for your Caribbean holidays.

U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands are “America’s Caribbean Paradise” — the place to see moko jumbies dance at a Carnival parade, hear the lilting patois of a Creole dialect or smell the spices in a saltfish pate (all without losing cell phone reception). You can visit either St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix, or better yet, spend a little time on all three islands. That way you’ll get plenty of pampering, undisturbed nature and colonial history jammed into one vacation. And bonus: you can pay for everything with U.S. dollars.Each island offers something different. Called “Rock City” for its hilly, craggy horizon, St. Thomas is known for luxury — from the mega-yachts moored in the harbor to the high-end storefronts along Main Street. Located a short ferry-ride east, St. John appeals to honeymooners and nature lovers, with more than 7,000 acres of dedicated parkland plus surrounding pristine beaches.

St Lucia

St Lucia holiday break right now may seem like the best idea in the world, and On The Beach has some fantastic locations for you to enjoy the sun. If you’re looking to holiday somewhere with a rich and fascinating history, buckets of sunshine and golden sands and crystal waters then a holiday in St Lucia is most definitely the choice for you. A tropical island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea in the Lesser Antilles, St Lucia combines a rich past with wonderful scenery and a soothingly tranquil atmosphere. It offers plenty of activities and tourism opportunities such as a watersports, a drive-in volcano and a Botanical Gardens, and a thriving cultural experience that will continually delight you. If you’re planning your first Caribbean holiday, a visit to St Lucia will be a first class holiday to set all your standards by.

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