Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Top ten places of Columbia lets you explore the complete diversity and strangeness for which this place is famous for. From world heritage sites to the great tropiocal rainforests they cover all and sundry.

Colombia is a country of stark contrasts: Rugged Andes peaks and lush rainforest valleys, modern cities and Spanish colonial villages, hot Caribbean beaches and snowy mountains. Best of, much of the nation is untouched through the tourist and expat industry due to the country’s less than reputable past. With so very little literature available about Colombia (Lonely Planet has got the only book, which is an admitted fraud), knowing where and how to proceed can be challenging. Throw within the ever present security question, and also the planning process is downright frustrating.I could go on, but gotta ensure that it stays short. If you’ve anything to add, please so below. There’s a wide array of places to go to in Colombia, from million-plus person cities to tranquil pueblos, and deserted beaches. While everyone may have a different opinion, this really is mine according to 18 months of just living in Medellin, and traveling around Colombia. Listed here are my top  places to get in Colombia.

Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Top Places to go to in Colombia

1. Cartagena

That old, walled city center in Cartagena is really a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and tops most traveler’s lists for places to go to in Colombia. A classic “must see”, walking through old Cartagena both night and day is like walking back in time. Nearby beaches allow travelers to savor time in the surf, watersports for example scuba diving, in order to simply relax and focus on their tans.Several too many tourists and 1 / 2 of Bogota comes to visit on holidays, but nonetheless a place you can’t miss. Plus it’s a good base for going through the coast (or substitute Santa Marta, if you want)

2. Medellin

Medellin is the town of eternal spring, filled with proudpaisas and blooming flowers. Smaller and much more asthetically pleasing than Bogota, it may be reached with a short, short plane in the capital or by bus.The first kind home of Pablo Escobar, Medellin rose to prominence for the wrong reasons within the 1980’s. These days, thanks to a significantly improved security situation, the town is thriving, and travelers are once more discovering natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle from the paisas.

3. Salento (Eje Cafetero)

A top contender for best-preserved pueblo in Colombia, Salento is the best place by which to explore Colombia’s Eje Cafetero (coffee region). Hiking and horse riding through nearby Valle de Cocora, in addition to coffee plantation tours really are a must when visiting.

4. Bogota

Colombia’s sprawling capital features the historic La Candelaria district, the country’s best (and biggest) gold museum, a cable car up of Montserrat mountain for views over the city, and a unique Salt Cathedral. You’ll discover the greatest number of restaurants and cuisines here, and lots of nightlife choices for the party people. Bogota is really a high-fashion business and education center with ample history, sites to go to, and a nightlife to rival any city in South usa.

5. Cali

Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Known as the salsa dancing capital of Colombia, by many the world, Cali features the very best dance academies in the united states, and choices for salsa dancing every evening of the week. Cali also offers Colombia’s best zoo, a happening restaurant and food scene, in addition to some of the country’s best overall nightlife.

6. Guatape, Jardin, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Popayan

There are numerous pueblos dotting the Colombian countryside, and several of them are fine places to go to for a dose of country life. Horses are frequently seen trotting around, and city dwelling Colombians like to escape for their favorite pueblos for fun on saturday.

7. Santa Marta, Taganga, & Parque Tayrona

Santa Marta can be found on the eastern side of Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, and it is the perfect jumping off point for travelers likely to visit the sleepy fishing village of Taganga, or venture further towards the undeveloped beaches of Parque Tayrona.

8 .Mompos (Mompox)

The city that time forgot, stuck inside a giant swamp within the northeastern area of the country. Famous for hospitality and rocking chairs, this really is supposedly the city that Gabriel Garcia Marquez based Macondo from in One Century of Solitude. Getting it comes with an adventure of their own…don’t miss this place! You is going to be happily surprised.

9 . The Amazon

Not at all for everyone, the southern capital of Scotland – Leticia offers endless rainforest adventure. Forget that which you saw in Panama and Nicaragua , the Amazon is yet another world. Truly awe-inspiring.

When to go to Colombia

December to March and July toAugust are the most useful times to go to Columbia when the majority of Columbia’s festivals and events occur. Fromlate December to mid-Januaryand from mid-June to mid-July, the tourist places could get crowded Colombia Travel Guide For Tourist.


  1. Dina Diaz

    We could know that what the rest of the world doing and take an interesting tour of the attractive places finding of new friends all over the world through this site. Great places to visit in Colombia. Colombia is nice and wonderful destination to visit on the earth. There are beautiful attractions for its visitors. Thank you so much for sharing helpful and valuable post. I have a lot more traveling to do withing the country. Should it be useful for those who are considering spending time in Colombia, I am writing about my Colombian experiences language, cultural shocks, schools, places to live and visit, etc. – hope this makes it easier for others to have a great travel and living experience.

  2. you have put so beautiful effort in this post..this travel guide is so useful…Definitely, Cartagena is probably one of the most interesting and lively cities in Colombia. It’s on the Caribbean, so it has a different tempo from the highlands. It has never had a drug/cartel problem, so it’s safe in that respect. Cartagena is 400 miles from Bogotá.

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