Best Places to Visit in Colombia – Holiday Destinations

Colombia has many beautiful and diverse places to visit. The list is considerably long. When our readers ask us which places we recommend to visit during their tour to Colombia, even for us, it is very difficult to choose. There are so much to see in Colombia, from historical colonial cities to spectacular natural parks or amazing virgin beaches. Therefore, today we decided to write about 10 of the most amazing places we think you could visit in Colombia, so you can have a general idea of what you can see there and where you would like to go.

La Candelaria in Bogota

The historic centre of Bogota is an incredible place. It is impossible to escape “history” when you are there. Many streets still retain their colonial charm and quite often you’ll find plaques reminding you that you are walking the same streets as Antonio Nariño, the first vice president of Colombia or Policarpa (commonly known as “la Pola”), a famous colonial and revolutionary martyr.

In the historic centre of Bogota, you can have a cup of world-famous Colombian coffee atop one of the most famous and iconic mountain peaks in Colombia—Cerro Monserrate. You can also check out the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) which house the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold work in the world. You won’t leave this recently renovated and incredible museum disappointed. While in the historic center of Bogota, go ahead and check out the central plaza—Plaza de Bolívar and the famous historic neighborhood, la Candelaria. If you’ve got the time, spend some time in the churches scattered about the city centre, especially la Iglesia de San Francisco and La Tercera. See our historic tour in Bogota

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

The small town of Zipaquira is famous for its salt mines and for the Salt Cathedral built inside the network of monumental chambers and tunnels that were left behind when commercial mining operations ceased. This cathedral is unlike any other in the world, in terms of its innovative architecture. It was opened in 1995 and represents an eclectic mix of religion and architecture to maximise protection from the ever-present risks of working in a mine.


Mompox is a stunning Colombian town renowned for its architecture, culture and its great natural surrounding landscape. Mompox is a town frozen in time. While the rest of the country has evolved and modernised, Mompox looks pretty much as it used to be during colonial times, for this reason, it was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995.


Perhaps the best known town in Santander, to many Colombians, is the small and colonial town of Barichara. Barichara lies a mere 2.5 hours outside the Santanderian capital city of Bucaramanga, but couldn’t be more different. Barichara has been deemed “the prettiest town in Colombia,” and offers a unique charming, colonial, and romantic atmosphere. When visiting this picturesque little town, make sure you check out the local artisan shops, try some hormigas culonas (giant ants)-a regional specialty, visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate, and climb to the Church of Santa Barbara, located at the top of a hill overlooking the town.

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