8 Best Places You Need to Visit In San Francisco

San Francisco a city of great weather, unending attractions, and great culture is a delectable platter for tourists. In this article, we'll look at the several things you can do, attractions you can see, and places you can visit.

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the United States. In the year 2011 it was polled as the 6th most popular in US while being at the 40th position in the world in terms of tourism. One of the most iconic structures in San Francisco is the Golden Gate which is a bridge build in the year 1936. The bridge is a symbol success and achievement for the people of United States and is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The picturesque view of the city can be obtained from the Coit Tower and therefore is one of the leading tourist destinations. China town is a shopping and eating district which is very popular with the visitors. There are beautiful buildings and steep mountains that catch the attention of every tourist leaving them with a feeling to come again.

Following are the eight best locations to visit San Francisco.

Tourist Attractions in San Francisco

Tourist Attractions in San Francisco


Arrive in this world to culture origins, this particular inspiring-oriented piece involving city is actually a getaway for the urbanized hippies plus classic lovers. Haight-Ashbury’s vibrant structure, courageously classic outlets, additionally modern & most probably natural bars also dining express the magnetic attraction which attracts various towards the local community. The laissez-faire mindset always pulls people about the edge, therefore Haight-Ashbury most likely is not ones glass yerba-mate should you really hate simply being greeted for the extra changes.

Cable Cars

Cable Cars were introduced in 1873 to help locals contend with the many hills the city is built on. Today, the few remaining cable cars offer tourists a great way to explore the city in historic fashion. Since 1964 these tram-like vehicles have had the unique distinction of being the only public transport system to be declared a historic monument. The Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde are the most scenic routes. The cable cars will also get you to the major attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square the Ferry Building, Nob Hill, and Lombard Street. If you are planning on more than a couple rides or are going to be sightseeing for a few days you should consider buying a pass.

Aquarium of the bay

Though quite small, discover and relish the Aquarium for exactly what it’s always , a good path to come across in addition find out about the Bay Area’s ocean way of life. so you can also visit these Places To Visit In San Francisco All the Aquarium is actually a without getting any profit, learning place among details about gulf region aquatic living both for travelers also locals who would like to become holiday-makers near Pier 39 for a couple hrs.

Ferry Building

Right back 100 years ago, the Ferry Building was actually the icon of San Francisco, undoubtedly typically, the most hectic traveler point in the West. During the times until the bridges, everybody that found its way to this city arrived by using this structure at a base of shop streets.

De Young Fine Arts Museum

The De Young Museum is the oldest museum in San Francisco. While art and period interiors from North America feature strongly in the collection, there are also many exhibits from Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Near East. British art, and folk art from Africa, America and the Pacific Islands, are also represented.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge first opened in 1937 and is perhaps San Francisco’s most recognized landmark. The bridge is so iconic that it has been named one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Aquarium of the Bay - San Francisco

Aquarium of the Bay – San Francisco

The Exploratorium

Exploratorium (while in the Structure about Fine Arts) is actually a twenty-first-century understanding science laboratory, a close look starting, constantly modifying, fun loving destination for a discover as well as work, San Francisco’s famous science and technology museum within Presidio. Be sure to feel the tactile dome, the soot black web you need to understand through feel (it will be actually worth the $20 premium in addition $15 entrance cost, hit our planet’s largest soap-bubble, just as huge up to as the pool.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks are the only hills in San Francisco not to have been built over and remain in their original state. The Spaniards called the twin peaks “Los pechos de la Chola” or the Breasts of the Indian Maiden. Even on warm days strong cool breezes blow in from the Pacific, especially in the late afternoon. Warm clothing is recommended.

Best Time to Visit San Francisco

The best time to visit San Francisco is from September to November. Autumn offers warm temperatures and fewer crowds. Spring is another good time, but you can expect the breezes to have a little more bite. The Golden Gate City witnesses a surge in tourism during the summer as people head west in search of sun, sand and surf

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